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of the future



In a room in Giovanni Guzzini’s house, in Recanati, Harvey Creazioni - which later becomes iGuzzini illuminazione - is founded. The following year, the company moves to the craft area of the town.


iGuzzini begins working with the designer Luigi Massoni, who introduces the culture of design to the Marche region.
1964 - 1964_1


The Design House trademark is created. Its products - designed by Gio Ponti and designers Cesare Casati, Rodolfo Bonetto, Fabio Lenci and Ennio Lucini - represent Italian design excellence.
1968 - 1968-(2)


iGuzzini moves to the area where it later builds its Headquarters.
1973 - 1973_BN_WEB


iGuzzini brings lighting design to Italy. The shift from a decorative to a technical sector is marked by a range of innovative luminaires, including downlights with revolutionary securing systems and the Ufo series of professional projectors for low voltage halogen lamps.
1976 - 1976_8011-incasso_sezione_e_Ufo_WEB


iGuzzini organises the first Italian conference for lighting design specialists in Recanati.

1977 - 1977_WEB


The company alters its name to iGuzzini illuminazione SpA.

1981 - 1981_1


iGuzzini consolidates its identity with the tagline "Industria Illuminotecnica” (Lighting Manufacturing). At the same time, it launches the corporate communication campaign, "Illuminare gli italiani" (Lighting Italians) which is used up until 1992.
1982 - 1982_WEB


The first iGuzzini branch called iGuzzini Lighting Deutschland is opened in Munich.
1984 - 1984_1


iGuzzini organises a series of lighting training courses for designers, establishing its role as a pioneer in the diffusion of light culture around the world.
1986 - 1986_WEB


iGuzzini begins working with Renzo Piano on the Lingotto project in Turin, proving to be a reference point for the design and production of customised solutions.
1987 - 1987


Gae Aulenti and Piero Castiglioni design Cestello: the first multi-lamp product with projectors that can be swivelled individually thanks to a universal joint system.
1988 - 1988_Cestello_08_WEB


The company launches its first experiments in the field of biodynamic light, in collaboration with the Troy Lighting Research Center in New York.
1988 - Sivra_conferenza-stampa_1993_028


Shuttle, a professional projector for indoor lighting designed by Bruno Gecchelin, wins the Compasso d’Oro.
1989 - 1989_Shuttle_108_WEB


iGuzzini is awarded the Compasso d’Oro for its widespread commitment to the promotion and development of design.
1991 - 1991_2


Edge, designed by Piero Castiglioni, innovates outdoor lighting thanks to the light blade.
1992 - 1992_


At the Museum of Science and Technology in Milan, the company presents an experimental prototype of SIVRA (Automatically Adjusting Lighting System), the first ever biodynamic light luminaire.
1993 - 1993-(1)


iGuzzini is the first company to promote the fight against light pollution. Through its decade-long "Con iGuzzini contro l'inquinamento luminoso" (With iGuzzini against light pollution) campaign it introduces the theme of saving energy and preserving the vision of a starlit sky.
1994 - 1994



The Headquarters is extended with the new office complex designed by Mario Cucinella. The structure is a symbol of the company’s commitment to high quality architecture with a low environmental impact.


With the unveiling of its new lighting system for the Galleria Borghese in Rome, iGuzzini launches its programme for promoting and enhancing cultural heritage in Italy and around the world. A few years later the programme is named Light is Back.
1998 - 1998


Nuvola, the first indirect urban lighting system, designed by Renzo Piano, wins the Compasso d’Oro.
1998 - 1988.jpg


Linealuce, designed by Jean-Michel Wilmotte, offers a new way of lighting cities by illuminating façades.
1999 - 1999


To light the Pompidou Centre in Paris, Renzo Piano designs Le Perroquet, an iconic product in the history of both iGuzzini and the lighting sector in general.
2000 - 2000


With the opening of its Russian branch, iGuzzini continues to expand internationally. Today, the company has production activities in over 20 countries spread over 5 continents.
2003 - internazionalizzazione


iGuzzini launches its "Partners for Better Light" campaign that, with its "Better Light for a Better Life” tagline, continues up until 2008.
2003 - 2000_partners


iGuzzini consolidates its presence on the Asian market by opening a production factory in Shanghai, China.
2006 - 2006_1


The first iGuzzini LED product is launched on the market: Glim Cube, designed by Piero Castiglioni.
2006 - 2006_glimcube_1



The company Headquarters in Recanati is further expanded with the Light Lab, designed by Maurizio Varratta. Its level of sustainability, measured with ITACA protocol, is the highest rate ever reached, at the time, for an office building in Italy. The Auditorium hosts conferences and debates on the subject of lighting, architecture and design.


Michele De Lucchi designs La Venaria which offers a high-precision lighting set-up thanks to its innovative optic distribution.
2011 - 2011-copia


Laser Blade is released, the first ever linear recessed luminaire with miniaturised, circular emission to increase visual comfort. The "cut-off" solution emits light rays that illuminate objects without creating glare.
2012 - 2012


Trick, the luminaire designed by Dean Skira is released. This is particularly innovatory as it generates blades of light that create light textures in architectural space.
2014 - 2014-(2)


A new lighting system is designed for Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper. Thanks to its innovative technologies, this 'perceptive restoration' increases the number of visitors who can access the artwork.
2015 - 2015_Cenacolo_WEB


iGuzzini takes over the Canadian company Sistemalux. Founded in 1984 by the Italo-Canadian family Folisi, Sistemalux is one of the most important operators in the North American lighting market.
2017 - 2017


iGuzzini joins the Fagerhult Group, reinforcing its competitive position in the professional lighting market.
2019 - fegerhult_history_corporate

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