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Villa Waterfall

This splendid country house blends perfectly into the wonderful landscape of the Costa Smeralda with an infinity swimming pool that turns into a waterfall and gives the residence its name. This construction is characterised by the interaction that exists between its interiors and exteriors, thanks to its large windows and covered outdoor spaces.

Access to the various parts of the house is provided through horizontal connecting spaces, but there are also small steps and passageways, as the house is divided into various floors that allow it to adapt to the topology of its location. Focusing on small volumes, assembled one on top of the other, also avoids the risk of the construction being too invasive, large or monumental for the landscape.

Another important element is the relationship between contemporary style and local tradition that the stone, colours and craftsmanship used in the construction all reference.

The artificial lighting has also been designed and calibrated to underline this desire for the house to maintain a low profile, also at night. A whispered lighting system has therefore been created, based more on suggestion than powerful and pervasive illumination. The car parking space is lit with recessed Light Up Orbit and Linealuce mini luminaires to create a grazing effect that emphasizes the texture of the stone.

All the walkways with steps are lit by square or rectangular Walky recessed luminaires, or recessed Light Up Orbits to offer safety, limit the quantity of light to a maximum and focus it exactly where it is needed.

The waterfall is highlighted by two vertical lines created with Underscore InOut RGB luminaires that create coloured effects, while the whole wall is illuminated by iPro spotlights with a wide flood optic.

This very pleasant space includes a recessed seat covered by fabric shade sails, and at night it is lit by Underscore InOut light lines located all the way along the seat itself. This creates diffuse lighting that is very relaxing as the lighting values are extremely low. The same light lines are used on the metal canopy of the main veranda, under which a large table is located for socializing.

Minimalist lighting is also used in the interiors. The kitchen is lit by a Low Voltage track fitted with black 5-cell Laser Blade XS High Contrast modules that match the contrast between the white floor and walls and the slate-like fittings and dark domestic appliances.

The same track system fitted with Laser Blade XS luminaires has been used to light the bedrooms and different indoor areas, sometimes accompanied by round recessed Laser or square Laser Blade luminaires. These compact and unobtrusive luminaires create a soft, comfortable atmosphere.

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