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The wharf of Cageux on the riverside Samuel De Champlain

The wharf of Cageux remembers the 19th century historical work of manual labourers who took care of the transport of wood along the St Lawrence river. The term “Cageux” means that the wood was transported using floating crates: this word subsequently became the nickname of the drivers of these crates. The wharf itself is situated on the St Lawrence river amid the hub of bustling port activities in Quebec, Canada. Using contemporary design, inspired by the old shipyards, the construction is made entirely of wood, and is illuminated with 3000K light provided by LightUp Walk with assymetric optic to create a warm iconic glow. There is also an observation tower within the wharf, more than 20 metres high, where Linealuces, still with the warm 3000k, wash the inside white walls, resembling the image of a lighthouse.

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  • Year
  • Client
    Commission of the national capital of Quebec
  • Architectural project:
    Daoust Lestage
  • Lighting project:
    Public Lighting – Gilles Arpin
  • Partners Assistance:
    City of Quebec
    Ministry of transport
  • Photographer
    Marc Cramer