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The Fernand Cina winery tasting complex

Located in the heart of the village of Salgesch, the Fernand Cina winery is a family-run business. Founded in 1956, it currently covers 16 hectares of vineyard and has received numerous awards both in Switzerland and globally.
The brothers Manfred and Damian, sons of the founder Fernand Cina, recently decided to expand the winery to include a tasting complex, whose façade breaks with the traditional architecture of the village of 1,650 inhabitants that was first mentioned in documents dating back to 1301.

The main goal for the new building was to blend it in seamlessly with the existing vineyards. The golden aluminium profiles represent vine shoots, the flexible branches of the vine, which have different shapes and lengths. The idea was to integrate the nature of the place with the winery building. So, looking from the inside out, the aluminium profiles are clearly visible, through the large windows too, giving the observer the impression they are in the middle of the vineyard.

The building, a cube measuring 30 by 26 metres, is visible from a distance and houses a spacious tasting room overlooking the street with offices at the rear. This rises above the barrel cellar that is connected underground to the nearby headquarters. This structure has no windows, and is illuminated by both Underscore InOut luminaires positioned along its entire length and recessed Laser Blade InOut luminaires with Wide Flood optics and a colour temperature of 3000 K.
During the day, the gilded profiles of the new tasting room create a chromatic continuity with the landscape, especially in the autumn. At night, the Linealuce luminaires, installed along the edge of the roof, highlight the aluminium structure with a subtle glow while the grazing effect created by the wall grazing optic underlines its plasticity.

The entrance area is designed as a covered terrace that runs right across the width of the façade and is furnished with tables and chairs that invite visitors to enjoy wine tasting outdoors. Here, general lighting is provided by surface-mounted iPro floodlights fitted with Medium and Flood optics. A few steps located between low walls made of local dark stone lead up to the entrance and are lit by Walky luminaires. Inside, the reference to vine shoots continues, emphasized by the use of Underscore ledstrip light lines inserted in profiles in both the ceiling and certain walls. 

General lighting is provided by an irregular distribution of Laser Blade luminaires fitted with General Lighting optics, and a version with Wall Washer optics is positioned near the walls on which the bottles are displayed to create ideal vertical lighting. Recessed Laser Blade XL luminaires are concentrated in the counter areas. 
In this new tasting complex, there are also several small offices lit by iPlan luminaires and small meeting rooms lit by pendant Laser luminaires. 
The high-quality architecture and cosy luminous atmosphere combine to make this new complex an extremely pleasant place to stop and relax in. 


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  • Year
  • Client
    Fernand Cina
  • Architectural project:
    Gervas Heinzmann
  • Engineering:
    F. Williner AG
  • Systems:
    Elektro Varonier-Cina
  • Photographer
    Roland Halbe