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The Enoteca Turi restaurant

The Enoteca Turi restaurant in London has a well-established reputation thanks to the vast experience of sommelier Giuseppe Turi who began his career in 1985 and then opened his own wine bar-restaurant in south-west London in 1990. 25 years later, the Enoteca Turi moved to the Pimlico Road in the heart of the British capital, near the river Thames, where, it continues to delight its customers with exquisite Italian dishes and an exclusive selection of fine wines.

When Pamela and Giuseppe Turi chose this new location they made it very clear to the designers what their priorities were. They wanted a venue with an elegant, but relaxed atmosphere and perfect lighting and acoustics.

In line with this, the Draisci Studio created a warm, inviting atmosphere that clearly distinguishes the restaurant’s two environments.

The main dining room is characterised by a brick wall with a warm golden colour and translucent glass shelving that forms a partition to separate the two parts of the restaurant, while allowing natural light to flow through. The perimeter walls act as a screen for projected images with themes that change with the seasons, whereas part of the artificial lighting that consists mainly of Palco projectors mounted on tracks in continuous lines running parallel to the walls, focuses on the partition. The depth of the environment is also emphasized by Underscore luminaires positioned in the small ribs in the ceiling that run along the perimeter walls. Thanks to their theatrical precision, these luminaires can also be focused on individual tables.

The restaurant’s second eating area is the cellar in the basement, which has a number of different characteristics and is used as a private venue. This environment is dominated by dark colours and is lit by Palco projectors with a gold finish that create an island of light on the table in the centre of the room. This focus can be moved if the table layout is changed in order to keep the correct degree of light on the dishes served. The walls in this area consist of shelves filled with wine bottles, lit by Pixel Pro luminaires located along the entire perimeter. This design creates a cosy, intimate atmosphere with marked lighting contrasts. In addition to the light on the table, small niches have been opened in the dark shelves for glasses and decanters that are illuminated by Underscore 15/18 luminaires. The wall niches where only glasses are kept are lit by recessed Laser luminaires fitted with spot optics that emphasize their transparency and allow light to filter through them and create picturesque sparkle effects.

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  • Year
  • Client
    Giuseppe and Pamela Turi
  • Architectural project:
    Draisci Studio
  • Structural engineering:
    Foster Structures
  • General contractor:
    QProjects, Hanna Contracts
  • Design Team:
    Stefania Ballero, Giulia Carlicchi, Francesco Draisci, Katerina Karachaliou Constantinos Kelpis, Rosalba Napolitano
  • Lighting consultant:
    Pritchard Themis
  • Photographer
    Carlo Draisci

Project Quote

"Our design evokes the bright sunlight and the variety of the rustic textures of Italy that influence food, culture and art. We played with the shadows of an italian summer afternoon and with abstract references to vines and grapes where wine originates from. Excellent lighting and discreet acoustics contribute to create a welcoming and simply elegant atmosphere."

Francesco Draisci, creative director Draisci Studio

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