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The Crego Hydroelectric Power Station

In March 2022 a new lighting system was presented for the hydroelectric power station in Crego, one of Italy’s most important power stations from a historical and an architectural point of view. The power station, which is a monument of eclectic architecture, marks the advent of electricity in Italian society. 
To communicate the dynamic nature of this new energy source, the architect Piero Portaluppi invented the "Electric architectural style" that is distinguished by bold zigzagging lines representing thunder and lightning bolts and other aspects of electrical production.

The new design perfected by Enel and featuring iGuzzini luminaires highlights and enhances the beauty and architectural details of the Crego hydroelectric power station, which was built around 1918.
The lighting design chosen to embellish the power station has been deliberately created to mimic the movement of the water used there. 
A Connex KNX control system and DALI technology allow the luminaires to be powered up in sequence. This simulates the way water reaches the inside of the power station by starting from the reservoir above the power station, then lighting the water pipeline in three phases and finally reaching the windows in the various sections of the complex. Lastly, a light wash effect is projected over the façade that allows the building to be seen and enjoyed in its entirety. 

The iGuzzini luminaires used are: Linealuce for the building upstream from the station; Palco InOut and Platea Pro for the 4 corners of the wall along the pipeline; and Linealuce mini 37 (BK81) for the windows. The Linealuce luminaires have been installed inside the power station: on the sills of the large windows and on arms for the high-level small windows. 
The area lit in red inside the complex is created by two Agorà spotlights, pointed at the turbines and fitted with red filters. These spotlights are also fitted with DALI technology, so they come on when the pipeline is completely lit up. The blue light that highlights the three small windows in the façade is created by a blue glass cover on a Palco iNOut Framer. The colour blue has been chosen because in the popular imagination, blue is the colour of energy (electric blue).

The dynamic power up system operates every day up until midnight. After midnight, only the nocturnal scenario is used that means only the paving around the building is artificially lit, while the architectural lighting is switched off. The lighting system is controlled remotely. In fact, a graphic PC interface has also been designed, as the customer has chosen not to use a mobile app. 
The flexibility of the new lighting system allows dynamic, high-impact light scenarios to be created while also guaranteeing an advanced level of energy saving thanks to partial power ups and dimming.

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  • Year
  • Client
    ENEL Green Power
  • Architectural project:
    Piero Portaluppi (1916-19)
  • Lighting project:
    Enel X - Architectural Lighting e-City _Carlos Dodero
  • Photographer
    Paolo Carlini