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The Central Seine building façade

After acquiring the Central Seine office building, Union Investment invested heavily in refurbishing the property. Today, the prestigious office building with its central location is a multi-tenant property with a strong tenant mix. 

The installation of new lighting and ventilation systems have maximised the property’s energy efficiency as part of a focus on sustainability that has been awarded with an HQE Excellent certification.
In addition to its panoramic location on the Seine, another major benefit of the property are its transport links: Central Seine is situated in Paris’s 12th arrondissement, between Gare de Lyon and Gare d’Austerlitz,opposite the City of Fashion and Design building. Standing opposite each other, both of these structures, in their own way, represent the movement of water on their façades. 

Jean-François Touchard’s lighting design seeks to reinforce this bond with the Seine. The choice of colours and the way they move recall the motion, colours and rhythm of water. Light, in fact, extends along the façade, like a wave, embracing its forms with extreme delicacy.

The project uses Linealuce RGBW luminaires controlled by a DMX system. The 19°- 37° optics were made using specially constructed optics that succeed in creating the effect desired by the lighting designer. The task of installing the luminaires on the façade was also made significantly easier by the fact that the Linealuce luminaires have a built-in power supply unit with only one cable that includes a mains network and DMX signal connection.


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  • Year
  • Client
    Union Investment
  • Architectural project:
    Jean-Pierre Buffi
  • Lighting project:
    Jean-François Touchard
  • Assistance:
    Atelier Athem - Adrien Guinet
  • Electrical installation:
    SDEL – Mamadou Sall - Walid Ouedarbi
  • Luminaire installation on façade:
    Cîmes urbaines - Pierre Smigielski
  • Light programming:
    Rayflexion - Damien Joyeux
  • Photographer
    Didier Boy De La Tour

Project Quote

"The shape, colour and design of the "Central Seine" building- is a symbolic reflection of the Seine. Every element evokes the movement, curves and fluidity of water. The lighting illustrates this bond between the façade and the perpetual motion of the river."

Jean-François Touchard

Products Used: