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Terme di Sirmione

Terme di Sirmione Spa is the company that owns the brand as well as hotels and restaurants in the well-known spa town of Sirmione. Its new flagship store, designed by the architect Massimo Iosa Ghini, was opened in November 1922 in Piazza Castello, in the heart of this magnificent location overlooking Lake Garda. 

The spatial concept is a hallmark of Massimo Iosa Ghini’s work. Lines characterised by their fluid design combine with organic forms to achieve ergonomic and visual comfort and an emotional style. The new store’s key distinctive feature is a fluid blue light line that encloses the central 'bowl' where the desk is located. 

This decision to emphasize the narrative strength of brands without overwriting them with his own personal style is typical of this architect. To distinguish the Terme di Sirmione flagship store, Iosa Ghini identified four codifiers. The first is the town of Sirmione, a well-known Italian location with distinctive tourist attractions that the studio has included in the brand’s skyline logo.

The second is Water in the sense of both a physical-natural element with thermal properties, and a chromatic style that also drives formal considerations, like line fluidity. The third "codifier" is colour, a clear light blue with all its various sub-shades, and a material, Copper, in the sense of both a colour and a connotative component of the project. The fourth and last codifier is Mud. This last element establishes a clear link with the local area, the town of Sirmione and the spa. It has also inspired the idea of the ampoule, a symbolic but functional object, that can be filled with mud so people can take it away and try it.  

The spatial composition of the new flagship store is clearly defined by the artificial light design. Laser recessed luminaires, all with a 3000 K colour temperature and spot optics focused on the displays near the entrance, have been arranged around the perimeter of the space. The same type of luminaire, but fitted with medium optics, is used to light the cash desk areas. RGB Underscore 18 light lines have been fitted at the base of the shelving and central bowl.

The recessed luminaires and light lines on the shelves are controlled by a Quick BLE management system that can create different scenarios in which blue is always present. The lights are switched on 100% during the day to balance the natural lighting and not give the impression that the space is closed, and dimmed to 75% during the evening and nighttime. For special events, different colours, including white, blue, pink, red and green, can be recalled using the iGuzzini Smart Light 2 app or manually through a Wi- Fi pushbutton panel. 


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  • Year
  • Client
    Terme di Sirmione Spa
  • Architectural project:
    Iosa Ghini Associati srl
  • Lighting project:
    Iosa Ghini Associati srl
  • Photographer
    Courtesy of Terme di Sirmione Store

Project Quote

"The lighting design in our projects has always been very important but in recent years it has become universally so. The Sirmione store’s minimalist design, which consists of just a few elements - shelving and a central water jet built into the architecture of the space - is highlighted with the option of three LED light scenarios."

Massimo Iosa Ghini, architect

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