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Rainbow Head Offices

The head offices of the Rainbow company that produced the world famous Winx cartoon is located between Loreto and Recanati in Italy.

Designed by the Bianchi studio, the project is an integrated complex of management offices, computer graphic and manual illustration workshops, a screening room, canteen, café, gym and swimming pool. The overall mood specifically seeks to create a professional, but friendly and easy-going work atmosphere.

The result is a 6000 m2 complex where wood, glass and technology combine to safeguard the environment: 90% of the energy Rainbow requires for the air conditioning in the rooms and workshops is produced by solar panels. There are rainwater tanks for the irrigation system and the air conditioning system relies on 296 geothermal spiral probes. Large glass windows also help create a fluid relationship between indoors and outdoors, the surrounding greenery (the leitmotif of the project) and the actual construction by flooding the interiors with natural light.

Most of the architectural complex has been lit with iGuzzini products, some of which have been personalised to meet design requirements more precisely. In the interiors, there is a particular focus on the illustration workshops where light plays a particularly important role. In these areas, Light Air biodynamic light luminaires with direct and indirect emission have been used. These luminaires allow luminance levels to be carefully controlled and are therefore ideal for environments where people work with computer screens. Simultaneous direct and indirect emissions also create extremely comfortable, even, diffused lighting .

Inside the building there is also a  relaxation area for employees with a swimming pool in which iTeka spotlights for general lighting have been installed, as well as Linealuce luminaires that create lines of light across the ceiling that give the environment a dynamic visual rhythm.

For the exteriors a number of different luminaires hae been used. The bridge that unites the building's two main blocks is highlighted using Linealuce luminaires with a grazing light effect, whereas the surrounding pavement is lit by Light Up Balisage luminaires, again with grazing light.

The various pedestrian walkways are lit by iWay bollards, the outside stairs are highlighted by Underscore light lines, and the textures of the low walls that surround the complex and gardens are illuminated with grazing light from a series of Glim Cube wall-mounted devices. In general, the lighting effects obtained blend perfectly with the architecture to obtain an extremely comfortable effect for both the interiors and exteriors.

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  • Year
  • Client
    Rainbow S.R.L
  • Architectural project:
    Studio Bianchi –Sergio Bianchi, Elisabetta Straffi
  • Photographer
    Giuseppe Saluzzi