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Plaza de San Juan y Jenaro Etxeandía

The aim is undoubtedly to ensure that the Plaza de San Juan recovers its central role in the city, the urban importance it had for 250 years. Apart from being the administrative center of the city, will be the cultural center, in response to the growing needs. Much of the new square is already in use. The large, geometrically regular in which the protagonist is Consistorial House, paved with large slabs of dark granite, extends into another space more organic, which predominate in the curves, characterized by trees and colorful both floors of the elements plants, and used to establish a continuous sequence with the nearby parks of serge and Gain Gainean.

Care was taken to design the floors, sidewalks, railings, benches, etc.. looking accents that could generate an image of your entire joint. The lighting fixtures are different depending on the area, placing high stakes on the edge of institutional space, and using the remaining space in the lower equipment and integrated to the gardens and paths, resulting in spaces of different lighting.
The new square, which is integrated with ease from day to day in the daily life, thanks to the construction provided by the management, is going to enrich consolidate a strong joint urban, diverse and active, up to what Irun deserves

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  • Year
  • Client
    Ayuntamiento de Irún
  • Architectural project:
    Luis Uzcanga
    Almudena Grandío
    Ignacio Iriarte arquitectos
  • Landscape architecture:
    Almudena Grandío arquitecta responsible
  • Photographer