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Municipal Building

The lighting project for the municipal building outlines the profile and the openings of the building simply but spectacularly. The light was used to highlight the formal aspects in order to strengthen the presence of the building in relation to the soaring tower next to it, so that the composition could reach a sense of harmony with a neutral colour temperature and emphasize the depth and perspective of the two buildings.

The lighting project brought together the two buildings. The uniting elements are the porticos and the vertical nuances that emphasize the architectonic elements already present such as the pilasters and the window intradoses. The porticos have been illuminated with the Bos ceiling luminaires, that diffuse a homogenous and comfortable light in these passage areas. For the lower part of the buildings Light Up Light floor recessed luminaires have been used, whilst the vertical soaring movement of the pilasters in the upper part of the municipal building has been emphasized by the Linealuce luminaire. The horizontal line of the upper string-course has been stressed with the Linealuce mini, to balance the horizontal and vertical lines of light. For the tower the Light Up have been used to highlight the abutments of the arches of the portico. The window intradoses of the tower have been illuminated with Glim Cube luminaires which, due to their small size (164x68x48), have been installed on the windowsills. The whole project was developed and created with LED lamps, having a consumption that does not exceed 800 watt, about a ¼ of the consumption of a residential building.   

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  • Year
  • Client
  • Lighting project:
    Stefano Scarani Designer
  • Photographer
    Luca Petrucci