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Il Centro

Front Light 6000 lumen, Reflex, Underscore, Pixel Plus, iPro, Linealuce.

The largest shopping mall in Italy, the iconic Arese Shopping Center, is located in the former Alfa Romeo factory that includes the circuit where the new cars were test-driven. Located on the outskirts of Milan, the mall covers an area of 92,000 square metres, split between 200 shops, restaurants, bar and an indoor and outdoor sports complex. The project was designed by a number of internationally renowned architects, including Davide Padoa (Design International), Michele De Lucchi and Arnaldo Zappa. The Design International studio, in particular, was convened in the latter stages for its specific competence in the retail sector.
Davide Padoa's studio, Design International created, the basic outline of the project, which is based on the format of large international malls but also offers a touch of history and an experience that suits the designs of De Lucchi, who has created the Fashion Court and Hypermarket. The Fashion Court, inspired by Covent Garden, is structured like a typical square with numerous shops facing onto it and a series of attractive meeting points. The architectural design stands out for the squares, each of which has its own distinctive style, and the wide, sculpted curve of the internal ramp that structures space in a way that is reminiscent of the Guggenheim Museum in New York. The hypermarket located in the Food Court has its own character too, especially its fresh produce area that offers visitors the opportunity to buy food products and consume them on the spot.

The entire complex has been designed according to the strict energy saving and bio-sustainability criteria required by the US Green Building Council standards for its much coveted LEED Gold certification. The lighting design has helped significant in achieving this goal, in that all the luminaires installed use LED lamps that boast average energy saving percentages of between 40% and 80% compared to the consumption of traditional lamps. The LED luminaires all feature DALI technology and are controlled by an IoT remote control system. Interior and exterior light sensors have also been installed to combine artificial and natural lighting. One particularly innovative feature is the technique used for the mall's roof design. For the first time ever a Glulam roof (a structural, laminated wood product made with sustainable materials) has been used for a shopping centre and it is one of the largest in Europe. Reflex recessed luminaires and 6000 lumen Front Lights with emergency units have been installed under the central wooden ceiling. The two luminaires guarantee soft, diffused general lighting, thanks partly to the height at which they have been fitted. Underscore devices have also been installed in the ceiling's criss-cross structure to create a number of striking graphic effects, and LED Pixel Plus recessed luminaires have been positioned along the edge of the walkway on the top floor to complement the general lighting in the individual brand stores. Outdoors, ceiling-mounted iPro floodlights have been used in the car park entrance areas, whereas pole-top versions have been used in the green areas. The wooden exterior facade is lit with grazing light created by a continuous line of Linealuce luminaires that have been alternated with iPro devices to make the final effect softer and less dramatic.

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  • Year
  • Client
    Finiper - Marco Brunelli
  • Architectural project:
    Michele De Lucchi
    Arnaldo Zappa
    Design International - Davide Padoa
  • Photographer
    Paolo Carlini