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Club Virgin Active Milano Bocconi

The Bocconi University Campus has recently opened a new sports centre: a state-of-the-art complex open to the community that completes the new urban Campus.
Progetto CMR was in charge of the final design of the sports complex and overseeing the work on the new centre whose architectural project was drawn up by the Japanese firm, Sanaa, responsible for the entire campus. 
The complex includes a student's residence sleeping 300 inaugurated in 2018, the headquarters of the SDA Bocconi School of Management with lecture theatres and offices, inaugurated the following year, and lastly the sports centre: six curvilinear-shaped volumes built around a herringbone pattern of greenery, each serving a different purpose. The entire complex features the use of extensive lightweight, transparent glass walls, elements which recur in the artificial lighting features. 

The Bocconi Sport Center extends across three floors, over and above the ground floor that hosts the reception where the Palco spotlights are fitted on parallel suspension tracks. The restaurant and bar are also on this floor, the latter with a full glass wall overlooking a green area on one side and swimming pools on the other. In this area, the Palco spotlights are installed on a curved track and integrate the general lighting coming from the Reflex recess lights in the false ceiling.
The swimming pools are in the basement with a 50-metre Olympic pool and a 25-metre one. During the day, this area has diffused, even, widespread lighting with a bright, well-lit atmosphere. At pool level, the Lander wall lights create a rhythm with small pockets of light, emphasising the considerable length of the walls.
On the first floor is the fitness area with exercise rooms and iN 60 luminaires, attached to the ceiling, were selected for this area to create aesthetic congruity, centrally arranged in parallel in the rooms. The Laser Blade L and XL square, one-cell recess lights can be found in the other rooms, like the one used for boxing. There is a contrast on this floor between the bright communal areas with high levels of lighting, given by the Laser recess lights with flood optics, in some cases integrated with Palco header spotlights and the rooms where you can practise sports that have darker furnishings dominated by metal and lower levels of illumination. The same treatment was given to the showers and changing rooms that also have a more intimate atmosphere with darker coloured areas. The brighter areas are lit by Laser recess lights with spot optics and lines of light around the mirrors.

The second floor houses the Bocconi Sport Arena, the play area overlooked by an electric retractable stand seating 400: multi-purpose, it can host basketball and volleyball matches, and five-aside football. On the third and top floor is the running track; a suspended ring of around 220 metres lit by Reflex recess lights.
The complex was designed - consistent to the standards of Design for All - to be fully accessible to those with disabilities, whether athletes, students or guests at events held at the Sport Center.

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  • Year
  • Client
    SDA Bocconi School of Management
  • Architectural project:
    Sejima and Nishizawa and Associates
  • Final design:
    Progetto CMR
  • Architectural project Club Virgin Active:
    Mauro Schiavon
  • Plant design:
    Advance Engineering
    Alberto Cariboni
  • Coordination:
    Bocconi Technical Office
    Nicolò Di Blasi
  • Photographer
    Paolo Carlini