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Čikat Bay

Čikat Bay is a seaside resort and spa that became famous in the nineteenth century. Now, after comprehensive renovation, this picturesque location has once again become a place that combines stylish relaxation and comfort. The entire regeneration project was financed by private investors and includes a careful reconstruction of the 2.3 km long promenade as well as a discreet lighting system featuring a series of luminaires installed directly in the stone surface to create a natural effect and an attractive play of light and shadow with the surrounding gardens. The composite structure of the promenade has meant using bollards, like Pencil, to light the walkways, iPro and Multiwoody poletop floodlights to light the green areas and Light Up Walk Professional luminaires to create spectacular uplight effects on pillars and walls.

The architectural lighting project covers a wide area, including a grand hotel, a boutique hotel, two tourist villas and five private villas, as well as the adjacent green areas, public roads, driveways, a water park and the promenade. The lighting project has been designed holistically, so no space or area is treated in isolation, and, from beginning to end, the entire project took two years to complete. The project's hallmark feature is an underwater light installation called the Medusa, or Jellyfish. This consists of 14 different, specially designed elements, including interconnected optic fibre tentacles that combine to create a beautiful and highly distinctive swimming experience. In terms of architectural lighting, iGuzzini helped create indoor and outdoor lighting systems for the Bellevue Hotel, the Alhambra Hotel and Villa Hortensia. The indoor lighting system for the Bellevue Hotel is based mainly on the graphic effects of line lighting. In the corridors, different spaces are defined using vertical light lines created by IN30 luminaires, whereas in the hall, ceiling recessed luminaires have been installed and accompanied by Underscore devices hidden in grooves that emphasize the length of the corridors. Recessed Laser Blade luminaires are then used to further integrate the light flow of the Underscore and IN30 luminaires to create diffuse and homogeneous general lighting. In the wellness area corridors, where the ceiling is flat and there are no grooves, the light lines are created by Trick luminaires installed in the centre of the ceiling. The hotel's covered veranda is lit by recessed Reflex luminaires that create lighting levels of 100 lux which are the standard levels recommended for this kind of space. This level of lighting also helps guests relax. In the conference hall, the audience's comfort is guaranteed by IN30 High Contrast recessed luminaires with a UGR <19. For the exteriors, a radial version of the Trick luminaire with a 360° emission has been selected to create a grazing light effect that highlights the uneven surface of some of the walls. In the swimming pool area, Dean Skira has also used Albero luminaires to obtain spectacular effects and increase the environment's playful, relaxing mood.

The Alhambra hotel is a more recent construction than the Bellevue and iGuzzini was entrusted with lighting its spa area. Linear Linealuce mini luminaires were chosen to highlight the relief patterns on the walls of the swimming pool, while Easy System recessed luminaires were used to create homogeneous general lighting. High Contrast Laser Blade luminaires guarantee a homogeneous lighting effect with minimum device impact and a total absence of glare characterised by UGR<19 lighting levels in the small meeting rooms. For the exteriors, and especially the hotel entrance area, Albero luminaires have been installed. At Villa Hortensia, on the other hand, a lighting system has been developed that uses Trick light lines to highlight the building's elegant Austro-Hungarian style windows.

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  • Year
  • Client
    Jadranka hotels
  • Architectural project:
    Andrija Rusan, Rusan Arhitektura
  • Lighting project:
    Skira- Dean Skira
  • Photographer
    With the kind permission of Dean Skira

Project Quote

"Cikat Bay is the example of holistic methodology in lighting design considering very different architectural typologies, landscape and luminous installations."

Dean Skira, Lighting Designer

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