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Brian & Barry

Food, cosmetics, design, free time, fashion and two panoramic terraces with spectacular views over Milan in twelve integrated floors of top quality shopping. The Brian&Barry Building is part of a historic 1950s palazzo that stands on the corner of via Durini and via Borgogna, near piazza San Babila in Milan. It is a new department store experience that brings together a combination of retail sectors, all of which share the same top class quality. In the store's nine retail floors the various outlets are deliberately alternated to enhance their individual image and this is emphasized by both general and accent lighting. The former luminaires are inserted in the barrisol designs that hang below the ceiling by ten or so centimetres. They consist of 3000 and 4000K Led Strips spaced at an interval of 20cm, so the canvas designs are lit evenly and according to the colours specified by the designer. These luminaires are all controlled by an LMS Quick management system. To create the accent lighting, on the other hand, Front Light LEDs have been installed on tracks built into the metal framework of the suspended ceilings so they can be easily adapted to suit the kind of furnishing on each floor. The high chromatic index of these spotlights (CRI>90) guarantees an excellent yield that is particularly important for enhancing the products displayed. The white metalwork stairs are accompanied by a set of panoramic escalators that not only connect the various floors, but also constitute a living sculpture that is constantly in motion at the heart of the building. They are lit by a double line of Led Strips hidden in the narrow space between the metal profile of the stairs and the wall. Compact and efficient, iGuzzini Linealuce Mini luminaires have been installed on the sills of all the building's large windows. This animates the products on display by means of a management system that creates a series of light scenarios and effects that turn the facade into an unforgettable spectacle even at night.

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  • Year
  • Client
  • Design
    C&P ARCHITETTI - Luca Cuzzolin, Elena Pedrina Studio Spagna - Silvano Spagna
  • Photographer
    Paolo Carlini