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Is one of the major places of worship for the Islamic world because four members of the family of the Prophet Mohammed have been buried here since the 7th Century. The third most important sanctuary in the Islamic world also accommodates the tomb of the daughter of Imam Muzeyi Kazim. This place of pilgrimage is an example of eastern architecture and contains historical testimony in ancient stone inscriptions, calligraphy and decorative art. The sanctuary succumbed to the repression which all places of worship were subjected to under the earliest years of the Soviet regime, and as a result, its rich library was completely destroyed in 1934. Bibieybat has been restored several times, but not until 2008 was it opened as a complete complex following repair and reconstruction work. It is now possible once again, to see the rich decoration of the first and second floor, the central hall and the foyer. The dome of the mosque was completely rebuilt and extracts of the Koran are written in stained glass in various parts of the mosque. In mosques, as in church and other temples, to carry out work we have to know the symbolic values of light for the religion and in its ceremonies. So, the lighting for places of worship must be handled with in-depth studies and great sensitivity. The entire complex was lit using industrially produced luminaires such as Light Up Walk Professional, Linealuce Wall-Washer, Woody and Miniwoody.

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  • Year
  • Client
    Islamic Charity Foundation of Azerbaijan
  • Electrical design:
    PBC Company
  • Photographer
    Giuseppe Saluzzi